Episode 8: The case of the Treestump, paralysis and colon gas.

the investigation

Watson just shook his head with
recognition of the gruesome possibility. “We are here, so why couldn’t he be as
well. Maybe it has something to do with our destiny and our pursuit of him all
these years. Some thing, common to that would make scientific sense to me”.
Watson ventured.

“More time later to dwell on why, Watson”, snapped Holmes(Doyle)
we must be observant, pool our knowledge and then we will perhaps gain a clue or two

What can you say about your bunk mate on the other side of the curtain?
The constable is watching him as well.” asked Sherlock (Doyle) in a low voice
as he nodded in the direction of the other prisoner.

“I have done a bit of eavesdropping”,
Watson continued with a deliberate whisper. “They keep asking him questions
about why he was at Doyle’s place and what business he had there. But he keeps
to his story that he was there to give an appraisal for removal of a stump and
fell over it on his way back to his truck. He is claiming a back injury and
that since the fall he has paralysis and cannot walk and claims to be in quite
a bit of pain.”

“Anything else, Watson” Sherlock insisted.

“Yes they accuse him of ransacking your
look alsike’s office and say his finger prints are all over the inside of the
office.” You know they had just come into use in the turn of our century in
forensics. I can only imagine how good they are for crime solving in this

“Well he must be the prime suspect then,”
Sherlock’s demeanor changed suddenly. “I have a thought you keep your ears
open and I will go to the Doyle house with Julia and examine the scene myself.
With that he stood and beckoned Julia to, “Lead me home.”

Watson watched patiently and somewhat
alone as his friend retreated out of the charity ward. As he lay there he had
the feeling that things were going to get worse before they go better.

Not long after Holmes and Julia left the
ward the constable came round the curtain to see him.

“Glad you’re awake fella, its time we
asked you some questions. They read you your rights when they arrested you but
I am supposed to tell em to you again.” The constable was blunt.

“ Mr Watson, you are under arrest for
suspicion of attempted murder of Arthur Doyle, theaft of certain documents related
to the Hartford city Pension Plan Trust and the breaking and entering of Mr
Arthur Doyle’s  property and office, oh yeah and vagrancy. No one can find a trace of your identity. You have the right to remain silent…………”

Watson listened with a heavy heart knowing
his premonition was now hanging heavily over him like a cloud of dark gas. This
he thought would be one of their most difficult cases yet. He was retreating
into himself when he heard it. The clue, that would continue to resound until
he could finally demonstrate his innocence.

From the other side of the curtain muffled
a bit no doubt by bed covers, came the unmistakable sound of a “fart” followed
by the all too familiar scent of a cloud of bowel gas. The constable heard it,
snickered: made a face when he smelled it but was otherwise unaffected by the
bowel gas. Watson knew exactly what it meant and smiled at the constable with a
bold grin of relief as if he had just passed the gas himself.

Episode 7: The Case of the Tree Stump, Paralysis and Colon Gas

The Bedside Conversation

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“TIME TRAVEL!” Watson exclaimed then lowered his voice. “Do you think it had anything to do with us?”


Julia caught the whispering, but not the gist of their conversation. She scolded Doyle (Holmes). “What are you boys up to now?”


Arthur (Holmes) smiled at her reassuringly. “Julia,” he said. “It is apparent to me there has been some dreadful error made. I must devote all of my intellectual attention to this very puzzling matter. Could you please inquire if there is a place where my friend and I can meet with a barrister in private? Time is urgent.”


“Barrister!” barked Julia. “You want a lawyer?”


“Yes, my dear,” responded Doyle gently, in the usual gentlemanly way of his custom. Then he added, “A spot of tea would be nice, too.”


Julia, more annoyed by the moment, glared at her boss. “This is going way too far. I refuse to share your fantasy game. I will be back in an hour with your lawyer and some Starbuck’s for you and your friend. I suggest you talk to no one and if you can manage it, stay out of trouble.”


Julia hoofed down the center isle of the charity ward. Her high heels were clicking loudly on the linoleum floor as if to emphasize her anger. Holmes and Watson watched as she bulldozed through the double doors and left the ward.


“Holmes,” declared Watson. “I perceive we are in some type of trap. It may involve Moriarity for sure. I can’t believe we have followed him halfway around the Earth to another continent into the future.”


“Watson,” Holmes drew his attention to himself, “As fantastic as it may sound, I believe it!”


“What have you told them?” queried Holmes.


“Not much,” declared Watson, “I deduced when I awakened here that things were different including time. The fact is they only know the name and address I gave them.” He hesitated, “There is more, however.” Lowering his voice some more he said, “There is another man being guarded. I have listened carefully to his interrogation. It seems he was arrested on the property of Arthur Doyle, the very man whose double you are in this new time and place. They suspect he had something to do with an attempt on Doyle’s life and even have accused him of stealing files from Doyle’s desk; files on Moriarity!


“Is it not strange that your double in another century and continent would be keeping a file on a descendent of Moriarity?”


Holmes acquired a mask of seriousness on his face. He held up a finger to his lips to shush Watson. He cocked his head and listened and his eyes darted about examining the large room. Then said to Watson, “What if it was not a descendent of Moriarity, Watson? What if it was that devil himself?”